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Professionalism You Can See

Not every homeowner knows how to properly paint the interior or exterior of their home, but every homeowner can tell the difference between professional craftsmanship and the work of an amateur. Clients only receive the industry’s finest in service and selection at Turn Key Painting & Carpentry.

The average employee in our painting crews already possesses over 10 years of painting experience, and our organization provides additional training to all our employees to elevate their skill level far beyond the industry standard. Every phase of your painting project is completed in-house to save you time and valuable resources.

Professional painting projects generally include:

  • Pre-work surface cleaning

  • Surface scraping

  • Detailed wire brushing

  • Seamless patching

  • Replace rotted or damaged wood

  • Sanding

  • Caulking

  • Priming & Painting


Complete Project Management

When you decide to partner with the professionals at Turn Key Painting & Carpentry for your next interior or exterior painting project, we will discuss both scheduling and establish the overall time frame for your project, including a list of references for similar projects completed in your area.

All of our painting estimators will show you a wide array of paint samples, paint colors, as well as carpet and flooring samples to choose from. We also handle all the material sales in-house to help you save even more time and money. We know that convenience is key in any industry, and the professionals at Turn Key Painting & Carpentry have this process mastered.